A Workshop:

December 23, 2010

Exploring Your Spiritual Journey

Through Story, Song & Movement

Tuesday, February 15, 7:15pm to 9:15pm

Every moment in your life your body was there too. We often forget that. But all the wisdom you’ve gained, from every step you have taken, is stored right inside your body. Your bones and your organs and your muscles were there when you thought your life was falling apart. And they were there when you knew it was all coming together. And they remember. Every bow, every blessing, every tear, every kiss, every courageous stance, every single dance.

Making “sense” of our journey is easier when we use our senses. The sounds, the songs, the feelings, the poems, the smells, the touch, the physical memories store so much more wisdom than our conscious, verbal centers can capture in those “big moments”. Re-playing those stories, songs and body movements gives us access to it all again, in the now. And in this new, calm moment we can embrace those lessons in a deeper more useful way for who we are today.

The incremental forms of InterPlay allow us to access our body’s wisdom about what we know and what we can know more deeply as we continue on our spiritual journeys. In a sacred and affirming environment, participants will be invited to safely explore your spiritual journey using the simplest movements, babbling, breathing, stillness, and sighs.

Location: 2101 Hennepin Ave S, #101 at Colfax Ave, Mpls. Call for Directions and Parking ~ 612-644-1744

Investment: $15

This workshop can be tailored to explore spiritual journeys for individuals or for an established spiritual community to explore together its communal spiritual journey, mission or identity and can be tailored for retreats, annual gatherings, and  liturgical or educational themes. For more information on scheduling my workshops, please call me at 612-644-1744.