November 25, 2010

Had the great pleasure of leading the St. Paul PlayGroup yesterday morning at the Friends Meeting House on Grand.

We played with a-bun-dance and I brought scarves and sarongs as frills to play with. I find colorful fabric can have the richness and texture to powerfully remind us of the abundance that is always in our reach.We had a good crowd despite or because of the holiday. And a few long-sought players from the outer rings car-pooled in, which was such a treat.

We tried a new form called “back to back rub” where you and your partner dance with our backs as your point of contact. You could also can it “a duet bun dance”. We’ll see which name sticks. Along the contact theme we danced the “cheek to cheek” form, which is difficult to describe with just words.

Some words we played with were: relish, fragrance, pie, etc. We explored all the tools in our Babbling tool belt, including finding an ending, evil twin, movement in the room, small/med/big body stories, crafting, and enjoying your witness.

At the end we split into two groups of six to share dances ¬†of abundance. One set to “Love is in the Air” and the other to “Time to Share” by Linda Breitag. We ended with a BIGGER closing circle to acknowledge the abundance we had created and how much we had to share with the world.

Mmmmmmmmn! It felt so good!

Blessings of A-bun-dance to you!

InterPlay in Pop Culture

November 22, 2010

It is hard to describe InterPlay to someone who hasn’t seen it or tried it so I try to keep my eye out for examples of it. This scene from the movie Garden State is a great example. InterPlay is never as pushy as Natalie Portman’s ¬†character, though. Her last line is what we would call using her “evil twin.”

Here’s the link:

InterPlay in Pop Culture