My Latest Art Project

Using old calendars, posters, magazines and discarded coffee table books, I have been making art envelopes. So many of my friends liked them that I have started selling them in two sizes: note size (4×6) and letter size (9.5×4.5). Special thanks goes to my friend Gregor for the 4×6 template and all our fun brainstorming sessions.

If you are interested in seeing/purchasing my envelopes, just let me know. Below is a cross-sampling, though my inventory changes all the time. If you have a party or event coming up, I’d love to create a theme envelopes for you!

Also, if you have any old calendars, large magazines or photo books you want to recycle, I can put them to great use!

(note size)

(letter size)

Some focus on Super-heroes or other pop culture figures. (note size)

One Response to My Latest Art Project

  1. Ang says:

    Love these Marty! I’ve enjoyed this hobby myself, now you’ve got me thinking about it again, haven’t done it in a long time.

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