Winter Advisory ~ The First Sign of Spring!

The forecast for the next 48 hours is so fierce that that groundhog may not even creep NEAR the cave door Wednesday morning. But ancient wisdom tells us Spring is getting ready to spring. Whether the groundhog’s shadow scares up another 6 weeks of Winter or not, the seeds have been planted. They are cracking open. It is light until almost 5:30pm these days and the power of the sun’s warmth can be seen in the dripping icicles.

We have made it halfway from the Yule Solstice to the Spring Equinox. February 1st/2nd is known among pagans as Imbolc, the Celtic holiday celebrating the coming  return of Spring and honoring Brighid, Irish goddess and saint, and her Four Fires: Creative Inspiration, Smithcraft, Healing, and Justice.

Come join in a playful stirring of those embers! We will dig down together into our hearts, muscles, voices and earth to find those first tender shoots of what will grow in the new year. Using InterPlay forms involving simple movement, story and music we’ll uncover as individuals and as a community what is really bubbling up from under the piles of snow. An evening of body-prayer is just what the forecast calls for!

Tuesday, February 1
7:15pm – 9:15pm

2101 Hennepin Ave S, #101
At Colfax Ave in S Mpls
Call for Directions: 612-644-1744
There is a trick to parking!

$5-  $15

Bring: An object or song that symbolizes the new embers/seeds of Spring you sense in yourself or your world.

Fire, water, steam, and spark,
Brighid’s fire push back the dark
Forge, anvil, well, and spear,
Brighid’s flame burn true and clear

Even now, in the sleep of winter,
the seeds are starting to tremble under the snow
and Brighid, the bright one, calls them to life.

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